Milwaukee’s Digital Arts Collaborative


  1. -Every Milwaukee Artistic expression having a show place available to the public via the internet.

Current Show

Stories of all the Milwaukee Artists, Art Businesses and Organizations available for the public.

Digital Collaboratives

Teaming k-12 students with higher learning students and teachers to interview and learn about the Entrepreneur World of  the Arts.


Milwaukee is exploring the opportunity of developing the Entrepreneurial Artistic Community  by developing digital collaboratives .

This will be accomplished by teaming University students with k-12 students and teachers to explore and interview the Art Community of Artists, businesses and organizations.

Similar to

The Milwaukee Art Community will host the stories of how the various arts enhance the community financially and culturally.

The Milwaukee Art Community will  host a WEB T.V.  show available to the Milwaukee Community and World. Similar to

Milwaukee Art Community will then create an Entrepreneurial WEB T.V. Show facilitating  the growth of Entrepreneurial Artists.

Supported by the Knight & Kauffman Foundation and Milwaukee Community.


Welcome to the Vision of Developing the Entrepreneurial Art World of Milwaukee

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