Milwaukee is reviewing creating a web tv of the arts

Milwaukee would develop a win win collaborative for parties involved in accentuating the ARTS.

Teaming University students with k-12 students and interview all the Artists, Art Businesses and Various Art Organizations along with broadcasting the stories for the local community and World would enhance the ARTS of Milwaukee.

This would assist the University students aligning their resumes in their field of discipline and mentor the k-12 students in the  careers of the ARTS.

The Artists, Art Businesses and various Art Organizations would have a platform sharing how ART is an essential part of our Economic Community and Culture.

The Milwaukee community would then develop an Entrepreneur WEB TV Show facilitating the inception of a new artist, business or organization. They would be supported for a year with various methods. This  maybe having an incubator to cultivate the art and learn methods of marketing the product or service.

Funding could be developed locally and with the Knight & Kauffman Foundations who support digital Journalism and Entrepreneurism. Click on photo to the right.


Milwaukee is reviewing expanding the economic developments of the ARTS by promoting the various ARTS with digital collaboratives.

High quality public education must be the  foundation of every successful economic development plan.

Milwaukee is designing an economic plan to incorporate the ARTS with alignment of the National Science Foundation.


Newton Minow

FCC Director

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